Tuesday, August 19, 2008

5 Years and Counting...

Wow?! Has it really been 5 years already? Sam & I were sealed in the Timpanogas Temple on August 19, 2003. We celebrated by taking a night off from the kids (we had some amazing friends spend the night at our house with our kids. Yes. They love us. A lot.), eating yummy food at The Melting Pot in SLC, and participating in an endowment session at the Salt Lake City Temple. It's crazy how much has happened in the last 5 years.

  • 4 months in New Zealand
  • 2 bachelor's degrees
  • 2 Kids
  • 4 Apartments
  • Almost a Master's Degree & on to a full time job!
I'm so grateful for my best friend. I love you babes!


Lauren said...

So exciting!!! I'm glad you got a night away on your own. Enjoy!!

Katie said...

Congrats! 5 years goes by so fast!

Oh and I wish I could book early, but my baby doesn't have a calendar.. haha. I'll call you as soon as I can, though!! :)

KordelandHeather said...

WOW, Melting Pot, I can only DREAM of going there. Well now I understand why you were busy yesterday. To think, Kordel and I celebrated our 5th by writing a check for our first mortgage payment and I can't quite remember what we did this year. Just does not seem quite as romantic....