Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What are sisters for?

Rachel & Andrew are both having trouble sleeping right now (as in, at this very moment) and Andrew is making quite a racket as he tries to put himself back to sleep. From the living room we hear this:

Rachel: Andrew! Go sleep!
Andrew: Silence.
Andrew: Commences crying again.
Rachel: Go away buddy! You're in time out.

Sam and I are cracking up. We love Rachel. We really do. Being two has got to be so much fun.


Sabrina said...

That is so cute and hilarious!

Buckholts said...

I too think it is cute when Samantha yells at Jami. Usually it's "JAMI don't TOUCH!" or "Stop Crying JAMI!" However, I am sure in the future I will not find it so adorable. I also find that Sam gets way more smiles and delighted screams from Jami; more than I get. I don't think it is very fair that all Samantha has to do to get a smile is look at Jami. While I have to perform a 3 act circus to get the same reaction. Great news about your weight loss! Keep it up! You look great! - Heidi Bell

The Bourne Family said...

I love it!!:)

Margie said...

That is great. Don't you just love little kids, especially your own. Gosh I just got on you site, and you are an amazing photographer.