Friday, May 09, 2008

Progress is good

To make all of you aspiring photogs feel really good about your pictures, I thought I'd post one from when I had just gotten started. My little sister was a senior in 2006, so my husband & I volunteered to do her senior pics. We had just bought our camera about 8 months previous.

Little sis: May 2006
Rebel XT kit lens f/4 1/800 ISO 1600 (ouch. I know. We had trouble remembering to check ISO settings.)

Compare that to the one we took just last April of my little bro who will be a senior in 2009.

Little bro: April 2008
Rebel XTi 20-200L f/4.5 1/125 ISO 200

crazy huh? You'd better believe we've made some progress in the last two years. Don't ever think you've "made it" or there's nothing left to learn. At the time, we thought that first picture was pretty good. Arrrghhh.

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Jamie Herbert said...

It is funny how people have an "eye for things". Sorry to say - I can't tel the difference. I think they are both great and would be happy to have either one. I am sure there is a difference - but I can't see it. Yoy have always done great!