Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fun in the Sun: Saturdays are awesome!

So I thought I'd post something personal for those of you who just humor my photography fetish but really want to know what's going on in our lives. Haven't done that in awhile. We have had some awesome Saturdays over the last few months and yesterday was no exception. I think that because I have shoots so often, that when we get a Saturday free we pack as much in as possible.

We started off with a hike in Provo Canyon. It was WINDY. Is the canyon always like that in the mornings? We started up the Provo River trail, branched off onto the Great Western Trail, mozied our way along the mountain, connected to the Provo Race Loop and back to our car. It was a total of about 6.25 miles. I love that our kids love hiking. Apparently there was also a marathon happening along the same trail at the same time. Let's just say that we usually don't like a crowd when we're hiking, but it turned out okay anyway. *click to enlarge*

After some yummy JDawgs (the BEST hotdog ever) for lunch, the kids went down for a nap and I scooted off to Costco to check out a new point and shoot camera. I've been in this month long debate over whether or not to actually get one, would I really use it, would I just miss my "real" camera, would it take good enough pictures, etc. Total dilemma. But, I finally decided on the Canon SD890. It's a 10 megapixel with a pretty good censor and zoom and it's little. Fit in my pocket kind of little. I'm excited. No more hauling around my heavy/big lens and camera to take snapshots of the kids. Plus, I think there's an art to taking really awesome pictures with a P&S. Something I'd love to learn. Now I just have to suck it up and actually go buy it. Probably on Monday. Wish me luck.

Then we went to Veteran's Pool to do some lounging around in the water. Total relaxation. Well, not total, but it felt really nice especially after our hike. Rachel was totally comfortable (even going down the big "tunnel" slides) and Andrew even got in on the water action.

Lastly we ended the day with an awesome BBQ get-together at our Stake President's house. He invited the ward leaderships from our stake (bishoprics mostly) and since Sam was just released two weeks ago, we got to join in as well. Fantastic food, good company, and some fun games. It was great.

Well, congrats for making it this far. :) I don't have many shoots coming up this week so there might be a lack of pictures in the near future, but we are headed on an awesome vacation to CO which I'm sure I will document in full force.


Sabrina said...

Yay! You're getting the point and shoot. You'll love it. We have the 750 and that's what I use. I have no patience to set everything up with the SLR. Looks like you had a great day yesterday. Fun pictures!

Eddie and Breanne King said...

Wow what an action packed day! How do you take the kids hiking with you?! Our saturdays these days revolve around building a house...

We had J Dawgs cater our UT wedding reception. We had our nice, real one in CA and it was more like an open house/ we want gifts party. In jeans, eating hotdogs...we had fun.

Margie said...

Thanks for the insight into your life. I was wondering what is going on with you and your family. Wish our kids loved hiking more.

Katie said...

Yay for hiking and swimming.. looks like you guys had a blast!