Monday, July 07, 2008

Ode to my Phone

I hate getting a new cell phone. Especially under duress.

The screen on my beloved Motorola V330 died last week. I wanted to cry. The phone still worked to send and receive calls, but no text messages, no calendar reminders, no contact list, couldn't tell if someone had left me a voicemail, nothing. So, I did what any person would do. I got on Ebay and bid on a phone that ended ASAP. Enter the Motorola W490. It's okay. I'm not super-stoked, but it'll get me by.

The thing that really has me ticked off, is that all of my contacts & phone numbers, pictures, ring tones, EVERYTHING was stored on the stupid phone. Why, oh why, did I not think to store them on the SIM card? HELLO!? Dumb. So, after unsuccesfully pulling apart my V330 in the attempts to re-wire the screen by hand long enough to pull my files, Cute Husband has been helping me re-create wallpaper and ringtones. I love him, and he, very obviously, loves me.

Why am I posting about this, you ask? I just wanted to let you know that I no longer have anyone's phone numbers. Nope. Nada. Zip. Unless you call me I really have no way to get a hold of you. Sad, huh? I'm sorry. I haven't memorized phone numbers. That's what my phone is for, right? Anyway, if you'd like to talk to me (which I would hope that you do) shoot me an email with your # and I'll add you to my new phone. C'mon. It needs friends.


Stacie said...

Have you tried taking your phone to your carrier's store? They usually can hook the phones together and salvage the information. It worked once for me!

Gooch Family said...

OO! Dave's phone had died and he couldn't see the screen and so he thought he couldn't get any of his contacts, so we went to AT&T (since we were going to sign up with them and we used to have T-Mobile) and we told them the situation and he said they could still get them off when other companies couldn't. Even if you are with a different company, go to a AT&T kiosk or store and ask them to do it. The guy who did it for us said people are always coming over who have other companies and he'll do it for free, or just tell him you'll pay him $5 or something ;) So try it. Dave's #'s weren't saved to the SIM card either.