Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Tree

Okay, so I should be in bed. Couldn't resist. Here's some camera talk for those that are interested.

1/30, f/2.8, ISO 3200 (hand held)

The narrow depth of field in this picture makes it pretty soft (okay, really, soft) but the lack of noise at high ISO's blows me away. My XTi couldn't even touch it. Plus, many more pixels to work with. I'm happy. :) I was looking at pictures I took last year of our tree and I used a tripod, shutter speed of like 1 second and still didn't get anything I really liked so this is a vast improvement.

Post-process on this was a slight levels adjustment, sharpen, Gaussian blur, and Noiseware.

I found out that the Mark II has a new RAW format that is not compatible with CS3. Boo. You have to convert to .DNG before importing into Lightroom or ACR. Rumor is that Adobe will be releasing an update to LR2 sometime in December so hopefully I won't have to upgrade to CS4 as all of my RAW processing is done in LR these days.

The short of it, is that for now I'm shooting a lot in .jpg because I haven't had time to figure out the conversion stuff yet. It's on the menu for tomorrow. We'll see if we have time. I've heard it's pretty straight forward and easy. Sweet.

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Marin said...

Cute little Christmas tree!!! We miss you Jess! My friend Margaret is in LOVE with all your creative photography! She especially LOVEs the picture with the wife and her Fire Fighter!!! She wants one just like that with her fire fighter!!! your sooo creative!!! Great job!