Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photoshop Play

I thought I'd try and give the ultra-sharpened desaturated look a try. What do you guys think?

Original (normal) edit:

Play edit:

& black/white:


Gooch Family said...

I think I like the old way. It makes his face look not so good and if it were me I would not want every pore on my face to show. Just my opinion though.

Jess said...

Hmmmm.. good point. I wonder if I could smooth his skin, but keep the sharp look? I'll have to try. Thanks Heather!

Kristin said...

Jess, you're so talented. Fun to see your skills

KordelandHeather said...

I like the old way for the same reasons as Heather G, but also the girl's face color looks off...don't know why. BUT, I really think this new thing your doing has potential in the B&W.

Katie said...

My friend Bonnie is a fan of yours on facebook. I'm going to photography school right now. The best thing for super sharpening is your smart sharpen in the filters. Try that with your threshold to about 10 and it won't affect the skin but it will sharpen everything else. Oh yeah and watch your radius or it will create a halo effect in the eyes. (Not so good.) Anyway, good luck!!