Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Sam's brother (and family) graciously allowed us to come visit for a weekend in February, and it was awesome. Except for the fact that I forgot my 5D Mark II battery. Torture! At least I grabbed the camera bag with everything else, so I had my Rebel XTi as back up. Not a complete loss.

Anyway, the weekend was soooo relaxing. Sam got some consulting work in for a wedding chapel on the strip (allowing us to write the trip off as a business expense!), I got to relax with the kids, Jake helped us with welding, and their kids introduced us to High School Musical. Ohhhhh yeah.


The park my SIL took us and the kids to (while the boys were working in the shop). Crazy awesome. Not only is there this amazing slide/play structure, they also have a HUGE sand pit where you can dig up dinosaur bones, a ginormous Triceratops head tunnel thing, the waterfall (above) and duck pond, a smaller play set for the littler kids, and in the summer, a water area where the kids can get soaked. Oh, and it's fenced. With a security guard to prevent kid stalkers. Pretty sweeeeet.


Bottle rocket mania! And our new mailbox posted welded by Jake. Seriously styling.



Katie said...

How fun! That park is right by my old house, we used to go there all the time! Memories!!

Jeana Bird said...

I am glad you got to relax and have fun. That play ground looks awesome and I love the photo with you and your kids!

Virge said...

We finally got to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge last week. I forgot to charge the battery the night before. I ended up using Canon powershot....

Gloria Meredith

Bev Robison said...

How fun for you! That park sounds amazing...almost makes me want to move to Vegas....almost. Thanks for sharing some great pics! Love the one of you and kids...you look great!