Friday, April 17, 2009

Curren update!

I guess it's been awhile. So, here's more information than you probably wanted to know...

Our yard: Yes. It's a mess. hahaha we're working on it. Planted some flowering pear trees and some bulbs, rotatilled the garden and the front yard, Sam's working on the sprinklers, and we're growing veggies in pots that are getting way too small. It needs to stop snowing!!



Easter: I was not really looking forward to it, but it was actually really nice. We had a great time, the kids loved finding their easter baskets & eggs (can you see the look on Andrew's face?) and a nice Easter dinner at our house on...


...our new table! Hooray!! We've had hand-me-downs since we were married and finally made the plunge to purchase a new one. We're so happy. We bought the table--double butterfly leaf, pedestal table, seats up to 10-- at Knight's Mattress & Furniture, and the chairs at RC Willey. Plus, I got my vinyl boards from Bekah (she's amazing, check out her stuff) and put the rest of the pictures up on the kitchen.


Spring pictures of the kids. Next up is our living room wall, 12x12 styrene mounted photos surrounding a 32x42 picture of the Timpanogas Temple (which I have yet to take. Stupid snow):


And, just because this one is so her:


I've also painted my studio, and to celebrate, Sam & I took some new profile pictures. And no, my hair is not really that dark. :( It's actually going back to being quite blonde. *sigh*


Anyway, that's about it. Sam's graduating next week, and Grandpa Curren is coming out for a week to help with some projects so there will be more pictures after that!


Marin said...

Ohhhh my goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dinning room!!! THat ORANGE is AMAZING!! What is it called?? Seriously when I own a house i want my kitchen to be like yours!!! Wow, and those pictures look amazing!! When we get off student loans... look out I am calling YOU to come photo our FAMILY!!!! You are soo TALENTED!!! Looks like you guys are doing well...hope your garden comes around!!! I miss our backyard and garden :(

Bekah said...

I love, love, love the pictures of the kids! So cute!!! I may have to have you do some of my kiddos at that same location!!! You're having way too much fun with your new camera :)

chrisandlaura96 said...

I love your orange kitchen and the picture collage you put there! Also, the spring pictures of your kiddos are adorable. I love the one of Rachel on the chair on the train tracks and the one of them both shooshing each other. What a cute idea!