Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Birthday!


First off, thanks so much for all the "Happy Birthdays" I received on FB, Twitter, phone calls, etc. It really made me feel loved! You guys are the best.

Cute Husband came home and surprised me with gerby daisies (which I LOVE) and jelly bellies during lunch time. So sweet! In the afternoon, I went clothes shopping with my mom & sis-in-law (which I really DON'T like clothes shopping, hence the support group) and got some really cute shirts & a skirt. I'm very happy we were rewarded with some good finds for our efforts!

Due to previous church engagements, we weren't able to really celebrate Tuesday night, but last night he took me on the best. date. ever. Total surprise as well, which made it even more fun. We went to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Carnival & Rodeo! I didn't even know it existed! We ate yummy food, rode the Ferris Wheel, and then went over to the rodeo grounds. Some of you are probably shaking your heads at my excitement, thinking "seriously? a rodeo? c'mon we've been to at least 10 of those". Well, we had never been, so it was all new and exciting. WAY more fun than I thought, and those dirt-bike-jumper-guys that do back flips with their bike mid-air at least 50 feet up? Yeah. They were cool.

Thanks loves for the perfect date! You are amazing!


Sam Curren said...

You are welcome! I love the daisy picture. Few husbands have such great documentation of the little things they do. :)

Bryan, Natalie and Maya said...

Happy Birthday! I've never actually been to a rodeo either. They may kick me out of Texas for admitting that :). Glad your hubby took such good care of you!