Friday, July 31, 2009

Steamboat Springs Get-a-way

Last year we listened to one of those timeshare spiels and managed to walk away with just the free stay/gas/Olive Garden gift card we were promised on the initial pitch. One of our choices was Steamboat Springs, CO and since I had no idea where that was I looked it up and our decision was instantly made! Kind of a Park City of sorts (for all you locals) with beautiful mountains, local food, and friendly people!

First stop: Vernal, Utah temple. We arrived in time to attend an endowment session, which was great because we'd never been inside this particular temple. Beautiful!

I saw these clouds while were driving across eastern Utah and pulled the camera out. I was quite amazed at how beautiful the drive through the Uinta's was. LOVED it.

Waterfall in Steamboat Springs. It was a leisurely walk, but great for the afternoon after we arrived.


Taking this made me want a macro lens. As if I don't have enough on my wish list already. ;P

We spent a good 5+ hours mountain biking at the Steamboat Springs Resort. WAY fun. We debated about taking the lift (kind of $$, and c'mon? Did we want to be tourists?) but it was worth it. The extra 1000ft we climbed up from the top of the lift was so beautiful and earned the SWEET ride down! We were so bushed afterward that we ditched our planned 10 mile hike the next morning, and lazed around before seeing Harry Potter instead.


It's amazing the things you can do without kids around. Matinees (Transformers 2 & Harry Potter), dinner at 8pm, ice cream at 10pm. Our theme for the trip was how irresponsible could we possibly be (within limits of course;). Thanks for a great trip babes! I love you!