Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adventure to the duck pond with two kids and a camera in 15 easy steps

Step #1: Get child 1 in cute clothes because you know you are taking the camera.
Step #2: Calm down screaming child 2 with binky.
Step #3: Re-do child 1's hair because the nap just wasn't good for it.
Step #4: Calm down screaming child 2 with binky.
Step #5: Get screaming child into snuglie so he will calm down (which he does).
Step #6: Find shoes for child 1 and convince her she wants to get in the stroller.
Step #7: Locate burp cloth, keys, phone, bread (for the ducks) and make sure memory card is in the camera.
Step #8: Walk to the duck pond.
Step #9: Feed the ducks.
Step #10: Convince child 1 she wants her picture taken.
Step #11: When previous task doesn't work, let child 1 play and shoot pictures keeping fingers crossed for a good one.
Step #12: Follow child 1 up entire flight of stairs (it's a lot of stairs) and smile at all the students that think your daughter is cute, but you'd rather she just hold still for a picture.
Step #13: Somehow convince child 1 that it's time to go home and she needs to say goodbye to the ducks, and get in her stroller.
Step #14: Bribe child 1 with promise of fruit snacks if we can just go home.
Step #15: Hurry and get home before child 2 wakes up ravenously hungry.

That was pretty much our afternoon. I am tired. I seriously had to bribe Rachel to go sit by the wall so I could take her picture, and even then she wasn't too happy about it (obvious?). Sorry for all the pictures of my children. I was actually scouting the place for a photo shoot later this week, so hopefully I'll have a more interesting subject to post later on. I'm also going for a semi-new look with my pictures. Any comments on this one?


Jen said...

Wow what a busy day. I love this picture, I obviously know nothing about photography, but whatever you did, I love it. I like how the colors on Rachel stand out in comparison to the background. Very cute!

Sabrina said...

Love the colors