Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For all of us who've ever had a bad mommy day

I never thought I would feel guilty for not playing. Isn't it supposed to be work before play? As I was desperately trying to organize the mess in Rachel's room this morning, I realized that Andrew hasn't had tummy time in about a week. He goes from his bouncer, to his car seat, to his bassinet, to the floor (on his back because that's the only way he's happy, right?) and back to his bouncer. Aren't I supposed to be creating quality learning time for my one month old baby?

Then I read this blog post, and it really just made me feel better. I'm not so alone when I fail miserably as a parent.

And we had tummy time outside on the grass today.


Bryan said...

Jessica, I have been promising my 3 year old son Ethan for a few days now that I would take him to Target to look a the toy section, and especially the Buzz Lightyear Halloween costumes. So, after a 2 hour meeting in the morning, a 2.5 lunch meeting, and then an hour of playing Mr. Mom while my wife taught a piano lesson, I hurried off to Target. Only to prematurely whisk him away from the gleaming isles of new toys in order to get him home, and make my dinner meeting. Two hours later I run to an 1.5 hour church meeting, and -upon returning home- walked into a quite dark house. You do the best you can, and... for that hour and a half... Ethan was king, and I was his buddy:)

Stacie said...

Jess, I only have one child and I'm struggling to shower and get my hair dried in the morning. Your blog is inspiring - you can keep two kids under control AND take amazing pictures. Plus, you get out of the house more than once a week!

Sabrina said...

I agree, Jess. You are an amazing mom. After having Adie I wondered if I would ever want to do it again. I am sure I will, but one is hard enough. Love the blog you linked to.