Friday, February 01, 2008

Fabric for Sale?

JoAnn's had a home fabric 50% off sale the other week, and I thought "why not? everyone else seems to be doing it" and went and bought a few yards to use as a backdrop. Apparently it's the "in" thing to do right now. Anyway, today was the first day I actually felt like setting everything up. I recruited a neighbor and her kid while mine were sleeping, but of course, I had to use mine for models as well. Rachel's were very "mom I really hate this" so I won't share any, but I got a cute one of Andrew, and our neighbor, Brock. Kind of a different studio look. Like it? Should I ever try it again? And yes, that's a bath rug. Very stylish, I know.


Melissa & Thomas said...

I like the backdrop a lot! Will be emailing you pics soon. Having trouble with gmail right now. I also don't have the internet at home so have to come to the library to use it.

Stacie said...

Love the backdrop, but I'm not in love with the towel. Are there any other fabrics you could sit your subject on? The white is too harsh against the soft background.

Sue said...

Love the photos!