Friday, February 22, 2008


So I've been busy. That explains the lack of posts, right? Okay, really I've been obsessed with the new photographer's forum that I am now a member of. It seriously rocks. There are so many talented photographers who participate and I can seriously ask almost anything I want to know and get tons of good advice. It's like Christmas. In February. I have so many new ideas for my photography "business", how I want to run things, good ideas for pictures. It's great.

I became a member because I signed up for my workshop! Hooray! It's not until August, but that just means there's more time for the excitement to build, right? In addition to membership in the forum, I also received Skye's business forms, plus I get her "how to photograph kids" DVD when she's done filming it this summer.

If you're really interested in getting into photography, I'd really recommend something like this. It's definitely worth every penny!

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