Friday, February 20, 2009

The Flautist

Meet my little sister!! She's a flautist and is having her junior (college) recital this weekend. I'm so excited to hear her play. You'll do great sis!



KordelandHeather said...

Can I say, I miss seeing my Shane up at the top of your blog? By the way, I was thinking today, You need to make a link square thingy for your photography that us customers/friends can put on our blog...oooh, and I thought of something else. you could have a prize quarterly, thirdly, (I know, not a word, but should be!) or annually for those that bring on the most customers and we get a free mini session, Or one free digital photo, or something. 'm just always thinking of how to increase your business...even though You're probably trying to figure out how to scale back cause you're so amazing and must be getting SOOOO INCREDIBLY POPULAR! Okay, I guess I should have just e-mailed you this is getting so long! We missed you guys today, we'll have to for sure play next week (besides my tuesday time you promised).

Heidi Bell said...

Great Pics! My Madsen cousins are all so musically talented. I guess us Buckholt's missed out on that musical gene. Or maybe we are just lazy.... I'll go with Lazy for myself.