Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Danny & Meladee: Engagements

I love doing engagement sessions. Really. I do. So many couples opt out of hiring a professional photographer to take their engagement photos to save money. They have Auntie Susie do it instead, and while I'm sure they suffice for the announcement, what about documenting this stage in your life? You're only engaged once, right? You're carefree, in love, and totally in-to each other. Plus, they're fun! I love that these two totally showed off their personalities; from her shoes, to his bike, to the crazy faces, and I'm-smitten-with-you looks.

So, thanks, you guys, for letting me capture a piece of your love. You're beautiful.


Julie said...

These are rad! Great job:D

Heidi J Photography said...

Awesome! I love the bike! Great job Jess..... love everything about YOU and your work! You rocked it.

Haley said...

fantastic location!