Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plea for Help: Interior Decorating

It's started. That itchy nesting feeling. I can tell I'm in trouble. In reality, though, we've wanted to re-do these two rooms since we moved in a year ago. There's just been other things to worry about. Here's where I need help: I have no idea what I'm doing. I'd love any/all suggestions you lovely readers can give me.

Let me start with the tour:

Rachel & Andrew's Room (and soon the baby too)
Yes. We are planning on all three in the same room. Is that crazy? R&A's beds bunk, so the crib will go where A's currently is. Things I like: their magnet boards, the color of the dresser drawers & shelf. The woody feel/look. Bright colors. I don't want to go white. Not in love with the picture frames, we just had a bunch already from our old apartment.

What would you do to decorate/remodel this room? The picture rail is obviously going, most likely replaced by crown molding. We have to repaint the ceiling. What color would you do the walls? (I hate the yellow). Would you do it all one color? An accent wall? Would you do any kind of paneling? What about curtains? What color would you paint the rest of the dresser (it currently has a coat of primer that is at least 2 years old). Closet system: with 3 kids where do you put all their clothes?
Would you change their bedding? What would you get for the crib (we currently have sheets only). Would you change the light fixture?

The Playroom
This is why they are all sharing a room. I can't give up my playroom/guest room. It's where Rachel has quiet time (and occasionally takes a nap), and there's really no other space for them to play upstairs while I'm cooking, we're doing dishes, etc. It's just convenient to have all the toys in one place.

This one mostly needs a paint job. Should I make the two rooms similar? I obviously like the bright color look, and I like my canvas jungle animals on the wall. It's just bright & cheery. Can I put curtains on this window? More shelves in the closet?

See, dear readers, why I need help? Are there books you love for inspiration? Websites? Any ideas would be great!


Margie said...

I actually have the same problem. But there is no way that I would have all the kids share a room. Divide and concore. Split the toys and the kids up between the 2 rooms. And then organize your heart out. As for the colors...they scare me and I'm really no help in that catagory. sorry

Jessica Stier said...

Personally, I love the play room. I totally understand the need to keep a guest room and three kids isn't too much for a bedroom. My three all share a room. It works fine.
I love the jungle theme that you have in the playroom. I think you need to expand on that a bit more. Maybe do that same theme in their bedroom as well, then you can easily have bright colors and an accent wall if you want. I love the chartreuse color on the dresser. I would paint the whole thing the same color and put fun jungle themed drawer pulls. Chalkboard walls are a fun thing to add; maybe you could put in one in the playroom as an accent wall. Maybe you could take a few pictures of the giraffe's or other animals at Hogle Zoo and blow them up to put on the walls.
Anyway, I'm just throwing out ideas. I hope you make up your mind easily and have fun!

Sabrina said...

Well, I am design challenged myself, but I do watch a fair share of HGTV and have seen some cute ideas on blogs, etc. I think this is a cute idea for the kids' bedroom: . This is from someone we know down here. I would do green rather than blue just to make it a bit more gender neutral, and frankly, I just love green, or you could do some tan / light brown mixture which I think would look nice. Then, you can leave the picture rail if you want, or move it down and make a chair rail (which is what I'd do). For the guest room, I'd leave it a neutral color, tanish perhaps and do crown molding. Then, in the future, if you decide to move older kids in, it's more mature, but in the mean time, it works for both guests and a playroom. Go to IKEA and get some cute window treatments for both rooms. Viola! Anyway, I have all sorts of ideas to spout here, but you should how not decorated our kids' room is. It's on the list of things to take care of. Poor kids!

Also, I am all for kids sharing rooms. When we have #3, which won't be for a while, I think we'll have them share still just because our third bedroom is downstairs and I don't want a young child having a floor all to themself.

Christy said...

You REALLY need my friend Kayse!
She is a fan of your photography, too. Her and her husband bought a fixer-upper house and she has done an AWESOME job decorating! Wait till you see her kids' rooms:)

Nicole C said...
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