Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm awake, and hopefully you are not

It's not that I can't sleep, it's that I really don't want to. I woke up about a half an hour ago (to once again visit the porcelain princess that resides in my bathroom, what else?) and realized that it will take much more effort to fall back asleep for the short time I had remaining than it would to just stay awake. Besides, my back is really done with uncomfortable sleeping. I seriously wake up every 2-3 hours and have to switch where I am sleeping. First in bed, then out in the living room, to the armchair with the heating pad, and then back to the bedroom. I miss sleeping on my stomach. It's also slightly weird to think that in an hour, I will go to the hospital and sometime today we'll have a baby. This is normally something you don't schedule. Aren't we supposed to have some mad dash to the hospital at an odd hour in the morning with me screaming my head off and saying "drive faster!" ? I suppose it's the best. At least they're not going to send me home because I'm not "really in labor".

I also realized yesterday that it was my last day with just Rachel & I. That thought was actually quite sad. I love my chica bug. She's my best friend that's almost 2. We really do everything together, and how's that going to work when there's 3 of us. Isn't 3 a crowd? I'm sure she really has no idea how much her life is about to change. She went to bed last night, clueless of the fact that, starting tomorrow, she will have to share her mother. She doesn't do so good with sharing just yet. We've been practicing though. On the flip side, I watch her with other babies and my heart melts. She's so soft and gentle. Loves to point out their toes, eyes, tickle their cheeks, and let me know that the baby does in fact have a diaper. She'll be a great big sister, and I think that makes everything else okay.


The Bourne Family said...

Good luck! That little boy is lucky to have you for his mom. He's also going to have so much fun with his big sister. Hope all goes well.

Jen said...

Oh that is so exciting. Good luck today, I can't wait to see pictures of your newest arrival. I am sure you will do great with two!

The Lambs said...

Wow! I'm so impressed you got in an entry last night- but not surprised if you're in labor right now, or maybe not anymore! We're praying all goes well. I'm sure you will be stellar! I know Rachel will still feel your love, and when you don't feel like giving it, that's what Dad's are for! It's when you have 3 kids and we as parents get outnumbered that I'm nervous for! You are awesome. Goog luck during this transition!