Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've decided that blogging is relaxing. So is working on pictures. I decided not to take a nap yesterday and instead processed and posted pictures. So much better than napping! Crazy, I know. Today, however, I think I need a nap. I'm amazed at how short my patience is. Maybe Rachel is just acting sick, or like a 2-year-old, or maybe she's a bit jealous of Andrew, but whatever the reason, I can't handle her. Poor kid. She gets snapped at so much. Mommy really just needs to calm down.

Andrew was a bit tired of his "box" last night. He didn't go right back to sleep like he did the previous night, but maybe because he had already slept all day and just wasn't tired anymore. It's really hard to keep your kid awake when you can't really play with him or take him anywhere. He just gets to sit in this box and try to get his billirubin count down. It's hard to feel like we don't really have a baby yet. Hopefully soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

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