Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Point

Our friends reduced themselves to guinea pigs as we wandered around Thanksgiving Point Gardens tonight taking pictures. It was great fun! Learned a few things...wish we had gotten a few better pictures, but it was a good experience nonetheless (not to mention it kept me from thinking about having a baby tomorrow). Since I won't be getting to the rest of the pictures in the next few days (weeks, years--how long does it take to get used to two kids?), I thought I would post a few now.


The Bourne Family said...

I love all these pictures...beautiful! I really like the middle one of the three posted.

Jamie Herbert said...

I love them!! you did such a great job. Heather you have a cute family!

Kristy said...

Do you have to pay a fee to take pictures on their grounds? Im beginning to get into photography and Im looking for pretty places to take pictures. If you have places you like and don't mind sharing, I would really appreciate it. (even though you don't know me). Thanks!! Love your pictures. What kind of camera do you use?