Friday, August 17, 2007

My 2 year old

I was so excited to take Rachel out this morning and try out a photo location that I spotted yesterday. However, today she decided to act like a 2 year old. She wouldn't do anything I told her: wouldn't smile, wouldn't climb on the benches or explore the fence or do anything productive. It was just "no, no, no!". So frustrating. To top it off, I lost our card reader and haven't been able to pull any pictures off our camera (hence I haven't posted in awhile), so we had to stop by a store on our way home to replace it. I hate paying for being stupid. On the bright side, I really like the way the brick looks in that first picture. Too bad I couldn't get her to take any more.

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Jen said...

Hey Jess, I was blog hopping and came across your blog through a friend of of a friend of a friend...! I don't know if you remember me, but I was in your ward in Provo. Rachel is so adorable and so grown up. Your pictures are beautiful.