Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Date Night

Those of you with kid(s) can sympathize with how difficult it can be to get out on regular dates. Our dating life usually consists of putting the kids to bed and then eating yummilicious ice cream while watching the most recent episode of Eureka (highly recommend), 24, or some other equally addicting tv show that we have recorded and get to watch commercial free. But, every once in awhile we get a night out. Last night was one of those, and it was awesome.We have great people in our ward that will babysit, for free, with short notice. I cannot thank these people enough for helping Sam & I get away from our two beautiful, yet taxing children.

I digress. The date. That's what you want to hear about. We decided we wanted to go out to eat, but we had so many choices that it was difficult to narrow our selection to the one place we really wanted to go to without having to drag the kids with us. Sam chose Shoots, a new Chinese place in the Shops at Riverwoods that is knock-your-socks-off delicious (I'd link to it, but their website appears to be having difficulties). The best part about this establishment is they take reservations for 2. What was that? Seriously. No two hour wait at PF Chang's. We walked in, stated our name, and it was "right this way, please". We had potstickers for an appetizer (way better than the frozen Costco kind, although those are yummy when you are having a desperate craving), and some steaming, pan-fried noodles/bamboo shoots/shrimp/chicken/beef yummyness that arrived bubbling to our table, and some tangerine chicken. The chicken was okay, the pan-fried delectableness was amazing.

After our stomachs were filled to overflowing, we killed the hour and a half before our movie walking around the mall, buying See's chocolate to sneak into the movie, and just enjoying the time we had to actually talk to one another without interruption. So, the movie. Loved it. We saw August Rush at the $1 theater (i know... spend $35 on dinner, $2 on a movie) and it was moving. I loved the mixture of classical, cello music with more modern guitar rock. I'll admit the ending was a little cheesy, but I'm not sure I could've written a better one. Go see it. You'll love it.

So that was probably more than you wanted to know about my weekend. But, I thought I'd share. To recap: Go eat at Shoots, and go see August Rush. Both have made it to my favorite list.


blair said...

I totally hear ya on not getting dates as much with children, but I'm glad you've found something that works even after your kids are asleep - it's important to your marriage! Glad you had a great night out though!

Janssen said...

Sounds like a fun night and that sounds like a great restaurant. Hooray for date night!

Sabrina said...

I've always wondered how Shoots was. We'll have to go check it out the next time we feel like PF Chang's so we can avoid the wait.

Lauren said...

How Fun!! Aaron and I went to Shoots for the first time a few months ago and loved it. I'm glad you got to go on a date :-)

Shannon C. said...

I was wondering about that movie (and Shoots for that matter!)... glad to hear it was so fun! I keep hearing about how hard date nights are with children--yikes :)