Thursday, January 10, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

A glimpse into the life of Andrew. Seriously. Sitting in his car seat, happy as a clam (where did that phrase come from anyway?), playing with his toes. I love this kid. We went for a drive today since we're quarantined and can't do anything else to get out of the house. Wasn't as relaxing as I'd hoped due to Rachel asking me for water, books, dolly, dolly's backpack every 5 seconds, but it was good nevertheless.


Sam Curren said...

Happy as a clam is only half the expression: "Happy as a clam in high water" as clams must be harvested at low tide. More about it.

Katie said...

Sam, you beat me to it!

Don't ask me how I know that silly tidbit of information, but it's magically stored in my mind forever!

Cute baby, cute pictures.. as usual!!

Natalie said...

That is an awesome picture! You are so creative!