Monday, January 07, 2008

Goals for the Year

I'm really not New Year's resolution kind of person. I really don't follow through. But, I thought I should try anyway. Besides, I think these should be fun.

1) Try something new with photography. I really like the idea of setting up and really thinking about what I want the end result to be. Take my time. I've been following this guy who takes a portrait everyday and then posts it on his blog. These look like they were just point & click, but I guarantee he took time to set up lighting, composure, etc. I think I'm just too used to working with a 2 year old. Not exactly your ideal model.

2) Attend a workshop. I am one of those learn-best-in-a-classroom-environment type of people. There's one I want to attend given by Skye Hardwick this summer. Unfortunately it also takes a lot of $$$. We'll see.

3) Start doing engagement photos and/or shoot a wedding. eeek!! Maybe be a second-shooter at a wedding. Or have Sam be my second? We'll see.

4) Help Sam finish school, be able to afford a new mimi-van by the time we're done, and get into a house by Christmas. All lofty goals, but definitely achievable. I don't think we've told a ton of people yet, but we did get an official job offer from Empire West over the break. Sam's been working for them since before his mission, and they want him full-time after he's done with school. The perks? 8 hour days. Working with awesome people that he knows and trusts. Time for side projects (can you say website for Jess?). Getting into a house in CA. Bonus program. Health insurance. CA weather. Hiking year-round. The cute town of Windsor. We're excited. But, we'll still be around until next Nov/Dec. So, no hurry to say good-bye.

5) Be more spiritual. Vague, I know. It's hard to get a lot out of church when you have two kids, and hard to want to find time to read scriptures, study, and do other things when I get a total of 1 hour to myself everyday. I'm going to be better though.

6) Lose the baby-weight and keep it off. Who doesn't have a losing-weight goal? Sam's brother and sis-in-law just started their own Biggest Loser competition. I'm unofficially joining them. 15 lbs lighter by March 31st. Maybe my prize will be that workshop...

Well, that's probably all I should commit to presently. Here's a picture to start out with:

Andrew is in front of our living room window. I exposed the picture to totally blow out the background, fine-tuned Andrew's exposure in Camera RAW, converted to b&w, and then added the border in Photoshop. Voila!


The Bourne Family said...

I didn't know you got the official job offer. YAY! That's wonderful. I hope all goes well with getting your family established in California. When do we have to say goodbye to you? I hope your goals go well.

Melissa & Thomas said...

My family lived in Windsor for 4 years. It was a great place though I do have to say I love Battle Ground better. :o) How exciting! Sounds like you have a fun year ahead of you!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

My best friend is from Windsor! Her Mom still lives there and is one of the people that helped the town get their Town Green.. fun!

I'll hate the fact that you'll be farther away.. but I don't see you often anyway. I guess we'll have to travel to CA to get our pictures done.. darn ;)

Reposted cause my grammar skillz are AMAZING!

Honor said...

So you don't know me, but I guess we have a few things in common: Katie is my great friend, I grew up in Windsor (where most of my fam stil lives), and Melissa (of Melissa & Thomas) was in my ward growing up & my 4th grade class. SMALL WORLD! I love your pictures and really want to have you do some of our family before you go. Maybe both before and after your move (vineyards, hmmmm). Anyway, I love your work!