Saturday, September 27, 2008

5D Mark II: My (almost mine anyway) newest baby


We did it. *whew* After seriously almost a year of shooting with my little Rebel Xti and a good 6 months of not-so-patiently-waiting to upgrade, we pre-ordered the 5D Mark II. Can I tell you how excited I am!? Of course, I'm minus a kidney, Sam's missing an arm, and we only eat every-other day, but we're getting a new camera. Think positive, right?

This camera is seriously amazing. I think I'm going to throw a party once it comes in. Oh- and it takes HD video. I can think of some sweeet applications and products to offer clients with that feature. Just you wait. :)

And...I get to wait too. Expected ETA: at least 1 month. Most likely 2 or 3. *sigh*


Sarah and Wes said...

Yay! Congratulations! You SHOULD throw a party when it arrives. Like a camera shower?

B-Rett said...

I'll admit to having a bit of camera envy. The problem is, even when you buy a brand new camera right when it comes out, sooner or later (sooner in my case) they bring out something even cooler. It'll be fun though, I hope you are buying a couple new hard drives to go with it.

Jeana Bird said...

Congrats on your new camera...I am soooo jealous!