Saturday, September 13, 2008

Volleyball Season

Has officially started! I can't even tell you how much I love the sport. I played for 3 years in high school (middle blocker) and intramurals practically every year since coming to BYU. Now, I haven't always had the best team, but it's been fun. Keeps me on top of my game, you know? The best part is that we planned my last pregnancy around volleyball season. Seriously.

I got invited to play co-ed city league this year and we had our first two games last night. FAN-tastic! I think in the last however-many-years-since-high-school I've never actually played a position. We've always just rotated and played where we stood. Last night I played setter in a 5-1 rotation. It was seriously the the most fun I've ever had. I forgot how much I miss it.

And, to go from middle blocker to setter... I'm liking the switch. Especially when the MB's on our team are both over 6'. They can have it.

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Katie said...

Shouldn't... say.. it.. but... HAVE... to...

GO SBM!!!! Woot!