Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hats, Bows, & Headbands

I found these for a great deal the other week and asked my neighbors girl down to model them for me. She was amazing. Seriously restored my faith in 2 year olds. She smiled, posed, and was so much fun to work with! Anyway, the accessories are available if you are interested in using them for your session. (Make sure you check out more cute pictures with the hat (both blue & pink) in previous posts.)


kate said...

Adorable! I've found a site,, which has a great assortment of headbands, bows and flowers perfect for a photographic model. Not only are their offerings beautiful, but they are also comfortable!

Sofie said...

hi kate!
i'm from germany and stay for few month. headbands here in america are a big thing and i love it.
i looked at and i'm really suprised about the great collection. i already felt in love with the headbands and i had to buy some and for my sisters, too.
thank you for the link!