Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A little Pick-Me-Up Experimentation

I was struggling today, so I had a therapy photo session. Ahhh... So nice. I've been trying to find a way to make my studio shots more interesting. Give them a little oomph. I decided to use one strobe instead of two, and I ditched the kitchen table I was using for my "platform". Put the kids right on the ground instead. Hopefully this will make them happier as I think it was pretty scary up there for a few. Plus, I can get better angles. I think using just one strobe gives the picture more depth. Less "kiddie kandids" more "custom photography", right? right?!

I also picked up some white material at the fabric store yesterday. So fun! I love high key photography. And, it worked with just the one strobe, as did the black (yup, did a test run with all of 'em). These were all shot with my 50mm, f/2.5 (ish), 1/200. I love that lens.

This is her post-nap hair do. I promise she doesn't look like this all the time (notice she's looking at the camera and smiling. I hope this is becoming a trend...).

I love this picture. My kids are so cute. I'm so biased.

Our cute neighbor...

Girls are going to dig that drool

Okay, one more.
P.S. I love having so many kids in my building. I knocked on our neighbors door and said "hey, can I borrow your kid for a few minutes?"


The Bourne Family said...

They all look really good!! I think that's fun that you're playing around with what you've got.

Kristy said...

Very cute pictures. Your little girls hair looks just like my little girls hair after naps...out of controll. I love it!!