Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh how I love this weather!

I could seriously handle weather like this all year... oh wait. We're moving to CA next year. Hooray for no snow! Anyway... we went to play with grandma last Friday, grandpa got jealous so he came home from work early and we all went to the park. My parents got a new Nikon SLR for Christmas so my dad & played around taking pictures. It was really fun. These are for you Nikonites out there.

This is how Andrew feels about slides....
This is how Rachel feels about slides...
I'll just sit here and look cute instead. Is that okay, mom?
Playing with grandma
This is my favorite. By the time we left, she could go up this thing by herself. She's so big! (color is kinda funky. Too tired to figure out. She's really not that orange in real life! I promise!)

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The Bourne Family said...

GREAT pictures! I'm looking forward to a good day at the park!