Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little L

This boy is so yummy, I really could just eat him! I invited a friend over today to help me try some props (the hat & tie) and to give me some practice with my lights. I'm really trying to get consistent, so sorry for more pictures of the same. I can't wait for the weather to get nice and go outside to shoot!

And...what's a photo shoot without some of mine? I do have a good reason for all the pictures though. We're putting together a wall display (on our living room wall, obviously) so I'm trying to get a good amount to choose from. I'll post pictures when we're done, I'm so excited!

I found this WAY cute hat at the mall yesterday. Don't you love it?


Gooch Family said...

Oh my gosh Rachel looks so cute! I cannot believe how big she is getting! She looks so old in that picture with her hair back.

Janssen said...

Dang, that little boy is CUTE! I love it!

I can't wit to see your wall!

Buckholts said...

Go Rachel! Maybe she has gotten over the "not again" picture phase? These look great! -Heidi Bell

Shannon C. said...

the tie with the naked bum is amazing!!