Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall is Beautiful!

The mountains in Utah are beautiful in the fall. It seems that every year I forget just how much I love it. We've had a flu-bug cycle through our little family over the last week and it seems we've missed out on a lot. No enrichment activity, no play dates, no volleyball, and I missed out on a trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon with my parents. I'm so glad they went anyway and my dad got some awesome pictures he shared with me today. The one thing he was upset about was not having a blue sky (although admittedly, cloud cover creates great diffused light), so I gave him one. :) There's definitely fringe along the mountain line. Anyone have a good way to get rid of it?

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Bev Robison said...

Beautiful! I'm not good with such tiny fringe. Use a smaller eraser, I guess?