Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just one from tonight

I had a family urban session tonight and LOVED it. Everything was great! This one stood out to me as I was quickly glancing through them and I thought I'd share. I'll get more up as soon as I get my copy of Lightroom which was supposedly delivered 11 days ago! 11!! Ummm.. don't have it. Didn't know I had a tracking number. Grrr... calling Fed Ex as soon as I wake up in the morning.

Anyway, on the bright{er} side... check this cutie out!


Katie said...

Jess! I was thinking I was pretty hopeless coming on here to look for a sneak peek - but here it is!!

I'm in love and can't wait to see more! Thank you so so much!

Bev Robison said...

Great eyes, Jess! Very nice!

Margie said...

Amazingly Cute!!

Stephanie McBride said...

love his eyes jess! your work is really good :)

Katie said...

I can't resist.. It's just my strange humor, sorry!

Good job to me, too.. After all, I made such a cute boy! teehee

j/k Jess you're the best! I can't stop looking at this picture.