Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing with Lightroom 2

Thought I'd share. Took some time with Scott Kelby & Lightroom 2 last night. It's a pretty powerful program, and I have tons still to learn.


Lightroom Adjustments:

Kind of makes it look more like a drawing. Not sure if I like it though...


Margie said...

I like the original more.

Katie said...

He's so cute! Ahhhhh!

Calm down.

I'm loving his eyes and what the lightroom adjustment did to his sweater.. but his face looks a little too pale. Grayish, ya know? Especially next to the yellow-tinted hair.

That has to be a fun program to play around with!

Katie said...

Ohhh and the cropping. I like the cropping.

Katie said...

How many comments can one person leave?

Oh and I've been wanting to ask you how the house-hunting's going?