Friday, October 03, 2008


Hooray for traveling! I will be in Northern California (San Francisco, Santa Rosa areas) between November 24-29, and in Las Vegas between Christmas & New Year's. Of course I am more than happy to book sessions (c'mon people! Help me write off my trips as business expenses!!) while I am there. Shoot me an email if you, your friends, your friends' friend's, or your family are interested in a session or two. jess{at}picturememine{dot}com.

Can be anything. Couples (how long has it been since you had pictures of just the two of you?!), kids, families, whatever. The more the merrier. For the CA sessions, I can also accomodate mini sessions as long as there are at least two. Grab a friend!

And, because every good post needs a picture, you get one of my cute baby!:


tweedlediva said...

Aw man. Come to Illinois!!! We need pics!

Carly said...

hey Jess. This is Carly Smith from your ward in Utah. we are living in the bay area...and might be intrested in doing a session I just have to talk to the husband, I will also put your name out to some of our friends here. I love your pictures you are very talented!

Gooch Family said...

I have a friend in LV and I'll let her know.

Stephanie McBride said...

jess, what a great picture, those eyes! have fun on all those trips :)