Friday, December 14, 2007

Box Fun

Isn't is amazing how kids can find so much pleasure in playing with a cardboard box? Why do we even buy them toys at Christmas and on their birthdays? Last year around Christmas time, Sam found Mr.McGroovy's box rivets that revolutionized our box-house-castle making endeavorers. They are awesome. Instead of using duct tape, or some other sticky substance that doesn't really stick, you rivet the pieces of cardboard together. Not only does your box-house-castle not fall apart, you look like a genius to all your friends who bring their kids over to play in your awesome box-house-castle.

You should seriously check out the website. They have pictures of Cinderella pumpkin coaches, pirate ships, princess castles. They would take a lot of work (and space!) to complete, but still...Don't do it for bragging rights though. Do it for the kids. They will love it.

Anyway, here's Rachel's castle from last year:

The construction

Christmas morning

We put it together Christmas Eve after she had gone to bed and she woke up to it the next morning. She loved it. Took her a minute to realize what was going on, and then we couldn't get her out of it. Over the next few weeks she also colored over every available surface (mom's: this is great way to let your kids color on the furniture without ruining your couch). And, here's Rachel's house from this year (sorry for not being very photographically "pretty". Cardboard boxes are just kind of boring!):

We had to take it down after a few days to fit the Christmas tree, but she still enjoyed it. I can't wait until we have a backyard. We're going to go nuts.

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