Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Holidays

I'd like to announce that CA has not been that warm. I was expecting blue skies, sunny, t-shirts. I think I'm just a wimp. I'm still wearing my jacket (yes, jacket. Not coat. Thank goodness), but I'm chilled. It's been raining and overcast the last couple of days as well which hasn't helped my expectations. Luckily, the weather should be turning warmer shortly. I'm so very excited. It should put a definitively positive spin on our last few days.

Why is it that I can't blog without pictures? I feel like I am not being fair to my blog. So, pictures and details of our trip are forthcoming. It has been wonderful though. Expect us all being sick. How is it that we get sick on vacation? It's so much more fun (if being sick can be called "fun") at home. Cuddled up in my bed. With all my fun things to do while stuck at home. Oh well. We still try and get out, but its hard with a 2 year old with an upset stomach. Cranky.

The kids are in bed. It's time to go finish our season of 24. Go Jack.


Jen said...

San Francisco is never warm. It is jacket weather pretty much all year. Sorry to hear your family is sick, hope you are enjoying your trip otherwise! Of course I want to see pictures.

Stacie said...

It's not any better in Utah (or Colorado.) I thought I was going to freeze while visiting my parents, then we came home to 14 inches of snow here. It was -2 degrees a few nights ago. So, it's probably MUCH warmer there than it is here!!