Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Tree

I love having a Christmas tree. We debated whether we were getting one or not because we won't be around for the exact holiday, but we decided that Rachel would love it. (Secretly I would have been very sad without one.) Rachel loved going to the tree store and wandering around the trees. It was actually snowing pretty hard that day, but I think it added to all the excitement. My parents wanted to come see their grandkids, so they showed up later that evening with pizza and helped us put on the ornaments.

Andrew all bundled. He slept the whole time we were out shopping. What a great kid!

Our awesome tree! My awesome husband!
My favorite part about having a tree is lying in our cuddlesac at night with all the lights off, the tree lit, and drinking hot chocolate. There's just something magical about it.

Rachel also got an early Christmas present this year. Fisher-Price has a Little People Nativity set that my parents bought for Rachel. I love teaching her the story, and she loves playing with baby Jesus, the sheep, the camels, and all the other fun characters. I'm not sure she quite understands the whole Christmas thing yet, but we're working on it.


Katie said...

Jess, I absolutely love the pics on this blog!

I showed my friend the pics you took of my kids, and she wants you to take pics! She moves up here from Vegas in like 2 weeks, so get ready for another customer! ;)

Hey I LOVE the Little People Nativity set.. do you know where your parents found it?

Dan, Jamie, & Bryson said...

I LOVE that one of Sam! You always had great talent, but i think you've gotten even better since we moved. Can't wait for you to move out here so you can take our pictures again.