Monday, October 15, 2007

Biting the Bullet

Remember when I said we needed to just buckle down and spend the money to get real lighting stuff? Well...we did. I admit the bullet was large, rather hard to swallow, and we won't eat for the next month, but I'm so excited! After Rachel went to sleep (because you know we don't get anything productive done before she's in bed), we pulled out our shiny new toys and set them up in the living room. (Just as an aside, I love having technical support 24/7. Sam rigged it all up so my pictures would show up on the computer, set up the lights so they worked properly and let me have it. So nice.) Anyway....our neighbors came down (Jamie knew we had new toys to play with) and conveniently brought Brock for us to practice on. We took lots of pictures. So nice. He's such a cute baby anyway. I think we just stepped up our photography to the next level. I've already learned so many new things that I almost can't contain my excitement. So...if you are as excited as I am, I'd probably pay you to let me practice some more. :O)

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