Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Incredible Halloween: Part II

So 2 years ago we were brilliant when we decided to go as the Incredibles for Halloween. So awesome. Everyone thought Rachel was the cutest thing they'd ever seen. Well, we're lazy. So this year we decided that we'd go as the Incredibles again (the turnover in our ward is amazing, no one would ever know we were recycling costumes), but I wanted to up the stakes a little bit. Go a little more all out. Here's the result:

Awesome huh? Yeah... Rachel & Andrew look amazing. Sam & I....well, let's just say we're a super-hero work in progress. We also had fun decorating pumpkins, cookies, and eating lots and lots of candy.

I love both their faces on this one

Rachel decorating her pumpkin with markers (Sam & I also carved one)

This is how Andrew likes to party. Pretty wild, huh?

Rachel getting all psyched to go to the Halloween Party (this is the pre-wipe-hands-through-her- face-paint picture)


Sabrina said...

I am sad I missed seeing it in person, but the costumes look great!

Shannon C. said...

This is too amazingly cute!

Hardys said...

So cute. We wish we could have been there, We though of ya'll