Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cute M & C

These two cute cousins came to my house last Saturday for Halloween Pictures. I was extremely excited as we had just received our new lighting set up and we looked all sorts of "professional". Ha! It was great fun. We had 4 adults jumping up and down trying to get them both to smile. Lots of pandemonium & laughter. I thought about posting individual pictures, but then I got lazy and just decided to post their scrapbook pages instead. Hope it's not too boring.


Buckholts said...

These turned out so cute! My favorite is the little dinosaur bending over. What cute costumes! The pictures of your Aunt's family turned out so cute too. I've never thought of taking pictures at wheeler farm. What a good picture spot. Good job with all the pictures.

Natalie Layton said...

Hi Jess,

It's amazing who you find when you follow the "blogging friends" trail. Your photography is looking great! I hope things are well with your family!

Natalie Layton