Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Camera Shy

Rachel really does not like to have her picture taken. I take that back. She really doesn't like to look at the camera. She doesn't mind the pictures, so long as I don't tell her what to do and it doesn't interfere with her current activities. Ah well. Someday I'll get a picture of her cute smile. I think Sam is right about one thing...I'm going to love photographing in northern California. I love the brown/yellow grass. It looks so good, and is plentiful in the Bay area.

We also found a fun "choo-choo train" to shoot by. It took some serious snack-bribery to get this shot.


kordelandheather said...

Oh you make me want to take more pictures with Corinne. Oh and such a cute outfit on Rachel. I like the one where she is walking to the left in the grass/rocks. You need to blow it up to like 5 foot x 7 foot and hang it outside your apartment like that photographer does on 500 West. You're amazing!

Gooch Family said...

Wow those are really good pictures!

Gooch Family said...

Oh and are you moving to CA? If so why?