Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sneak Peak

I got to photograph my Aunt's family at Wheeler Farm this weekend. They were so much fun! It helps that I totally love my cousins, and we were all comfortable with each other. They let me do some pretty cheesy stuff, and just laughed and enjoyed it. Well, as much as we could all enjoy the freezing cold! Good job guys! There's more to pick from, but I thought I'd let them see some before they left for vacation.


The Evans Fam said...

I love them all! My favorite is the one with the kids together in front and the parents in the background. Beautifully professional! I absolutely adore Ashleigh's bridal pictures too! You are amazing Jess! I hope we can still take Lukas pictures soon.

Jessica said...

You are such a great photographer!! I love coming to your site to look at all of your pics!

Buckholts said...

Jess, I too really like these pictures with the parents blurred in the background. It is very artistic, but shows lots of personality. It seems like to you do much. Just remember, if you worked at a real job you wouldn't even be back at work yet. That is if you took the much needed 3 months. So take it easy! -- Heidi Bell