Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quiet Time

Andrew hasn't done this very often, but we sure milk it up when he does. He just sat in Sam's lap "helping" with homework for about an hour the other night. They were so cute, I couldn't resist.

I've also found that I'm taking less pictures of Andrew than I did of Rachel. If you visit our Flickr site, and view the Rachel Picture crazy. I imagine it had a lot to do with a brand-spankin'-new toy, er camera, but still. Is Andrew going to be all sorts of put out because there are only a gazillion (instead of 2 gazillion) baby pictures? Probably not. In fact, he'll probably be grateful that every nano-second of his first year was not documented for posterity. Our family needs a disclaimer: "Please note...if you come to this family you will have your picture taken." Ah well. I'm sure they will be less of the next kid, and even fewer of the one after that. Life just keeps getting busier. I do love the quiet moments though. We have a few precious, all-time favorites of Rachel and I'm building up Andrew's portfolio as well.

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